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What problem does Patenmatch solve?

Finding your way in a new country is often a challenge. The new beginning is full of unanswered questions and can quickly become overwhelming. It is often helpful to have a contact person who can meet you on a personal level and guide you through the first steps. A tandem partnership can serve as an effective solution to help newcomers find their way around.

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What is a tandem partnership?

Tandem programmes connect newcomers who have recently arrived in Germany with people who are familiar with the city and have been living in Germany for a long time. Tandem partnerships promote intercultural exchange and encourage new contacts. This helps people get off to a good start and increases their well-being.

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How can we help you?

Are you looking for support in navigating your way around Germany? Or would you like to engage as a volunteer? Patenmatch connects you with the right tandem partnership organisation.

You are a newcomer

  • Support with the start in Germany
  • Support and exchange on various issues (e.g. sports, culture, leisure, support with administrative procedures, etc.)
  • Improvement of language skills
  • New contacts and friendships
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You would like to get engaged

  • Cultural exchange and expansion of own horizons
  • Your contribution for more participation in your city
  • New encounters and friendships
Become tandem partner

Arriving together

Starting out in a new country can be challenging. But no worries - Patenmatch connects you with tandem partnetship organisations that help you find your way around Germany. Find the right tandem here and find people who have been living in Germany for a long time and who can give you tips and support.

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These organisations are already on board

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asdf is a useful additional channel through which refugees can send us requests. The platform makes it easy for us to get in touch with refugees who are looking for a tandem partner in our city.

Willma Freiwilligenagentur


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